Luco: 72 Piece Construction Blocks with Wheels (Large)


Build, Connect and Move

Newly designed large Luco construction sets have bigger planks, H blocks. Wheels are added. You may have more choices and everything is moving now.

72 piece set
planks, H blocks ,Wheel blocks and pins (1 1/4inch-3 1/4inch) fit standard toy planks like Kapla, Keva and Bblocks.

Intended for Children 3 years+












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Luco large construction block sets  add the new designed shapes: wheel and pin. All blocks fit standard planks (Keve, Kapla and Bblock). You have more possibilities to creat animals, airplanes, trains, trees figures, robots and sport gears with 2D, 3D and 4D)

They’re lightweight with nice touch and feel, which makes them comfortable for little hands to grasp.

These beautifully colored blocks are not only a toy, but also a work of art!

They look lovely displayed and will certainly invite play and conversation among your guests.

Use alone or add to your natural blocks for a splash of color!

72 Pieces set includes:  long H blocks,  short H blocks,  small planks, long planks, wheels and pins.

Made of  recycled rubberwood

Intended for Children 3 years+








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