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About Goats on the Move

Goats are interesting creatures. They eat what they want and wander where they like. You might find one eating a cardboard box or balancing on tiptoes on the top of a tree. That is, if you can manage to not lose a goat. 

Goats have a tendency to get lost. They eat a few bites of dandelion and thistle, trot a few meters over, and take a few more chomps. If they can get their head through a hole in the fence, you can bet they can fit their whole body through. If you are not careful, they might end up far away from where you last saw them!

The natural curiosity that defines a goat is what inspired me when musing over what types of toys children should play with. They should have tools that speak of adventure and incent them to move freely and creatively. 

Goats are also a sustainable animal. They are browsers, meaning they eat brush and weeds rather than grass, so they are extremely useful for farmers who want to clear land in a natural way while being considerate of the earth. 

This is why I named my company Goats on the Move – to celebrate the creativity of movement and to remind us of the importance of preserving the future for little ones. I value offering toys that suit a sustainable lifestyle and are kind to the land. 

I hope that you create lasting memories with these toys and delight in the stories you create with your family.   

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