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Bass & Bass

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Bass & Bass makes wooden toys for all ages adding a modern twist to old-fashioned toys, educational games, and role-play activities.

Toys are all made in Europe using responsibly-sourced wood.

Artistry Behind Bass & Bass Wooden Toys

Goats on the Move is proud to offer a collection of  Bass & Bass toys, handcrafted masterpieces that ignite a love for play and nurture a child’s imagination.  These aren’t your average wooden toys. Each meticulously crafted Bass & Bass toy is by European artisans who combine traditional techniques with a modern touch. Their passion shines through in the smooth finishes, vibrant colors, and timeless designs.  Bass & Bass doesn’t simply replicate classic toys; they breathe new life into them, creating beautiful pieces that are aesthetically pleasing. Witnessing the joy on a child’s face as they explore the intricate details and whimsical designs of a  Bass & Bass toy is proof of the artistry and dedication behind each creation. At Goats On The Move, we bring you a range of toys from the famous brand. 

Benefits of Bass and Bass Toys for Child Development

Bass and Bass toys go beyond entertainment – they holistically nurture a child’s development.  Take, for instance, the captivating 3D Train Wooden Puzzle.  While little ones piece together the colorful carriages, they’re honing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.  The delightful Soldier Pull toy offers more fun; it ignites a child’s auditory senses, introducing them to sound and rhythm.  Moreover, the vibrant colors and intriguing shapes throughout the Bass and Bass collection spark curiosity and a sense of wonder, encouraging exploration and discovery.  Children develop their motor skills, sensory awareness, cognitive abilities, and overall well-being through play with these thoughtfully crafted toys. Explore our extensive collection of Bass and Bass toys.

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