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Learning Toys For Toddlers

High-Quality Fun and Educational Toys For Children Aged 1 – 3

Discover top-tier toys for toddlers at Goats On The Move. Our carefully curated selection features a wide range of play and learning toys for children aged 1 – 3. Explore our toy store and give your child the gift of playful learning.

Our Toys

We believe young life deserves to play with beautiful, playful and timeless toys created with a respect for life and nature and under the best circumstances possible.

“Young life is breathed on the grass; The world that was not come to pass.”

– Ecce Puer

Educational Toys for Toddlers
Happy Little Girl Pushing Leonora Pram |

Our Brands

We strive to choose toys with exceptional design and artisanship. Every toy is expertly crafted with premium wood and/or environmentally-friendly bio-plastic. They are classic styles of heirloom quality intended to be cherished and passed down, generation after generation.

Our Mission

In an age of high-tech, we’ve made it our mission to provide a more thoughtful and refined answer to the question of what toys to play with. We believe that our professional choice of high-quality, eco-friendly wooden and bio-plastic toys for toddlers can have a positive impact on children and give them a world of good. 

Happy Toddler
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