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Pushing the pram

How does one transport a squirming, wiggling baby? This remains a relevant question for the ages. For centuries, mothers carried their children on their back, in their elbows, or in a baby sling. In the Victorian era, the pram became the norm. Nannies transported children in a clever little basket with four wheels and a foldable umbrella. Naturally, baby prams then became doll prams, and little girls could now imitate their parents! 

However, the doll pram was a luxury toy that only wealthy Victorian families could afford. So, we made a pram that is suitable for all people and all endeavors. Playtime is best when real life and fantasy come together. If the doll is late to the tea party, baby can give her a ride in the pram! If baby wants a ride too, we just might need to find someone else to push it.

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